Never Underestimate the Exposure Power of Social Media

Social Media Car Sales

In the automotive, powersports and marine industries, social media has experienced a rocky existence. On one hand, the promise of massive exposure has been intriguing and spawned entire companies to focus strictly on social media. On the other hand, the return on investment has been a challenge to demonstrate, let alone believe in through proper KPI measurement standards.

Which is it? Is social media good or is it simply too hard to demonstrate a return on investment? In many ways, the answer to both questions is yes, which is why we’re so pleased about the performance of our own social media product.

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Why Filling the Sidebar is Imperative on Craigslist

Fill it Up

Data is everything online. Consumers love more information. They will spend a great deal of time researching a computer or getting more information about an appliance they’re considering. In the automotive industry, the love of data is even more pronounced.

Why, then, do most dealers leave some of the most important information off of their inventory listings? On some of the third-party sites, the reason is easy to see. They simply won’t take in as much information as the dealership wants to give or that the consumer wants to see. They are often limited to the basics – photo, price, miles, VIN, phone number. Sometimes, these listings don’t even allow for a map to the dealership.

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Why Consolidated Dashboards are Essential for Dealers

Time. It always seems like we never have enough.  In fact, some recognize that it’s actually more important when it comes to managing sales and marketing processes to help drive sales.

Between the OEMs, vendors, data providers, and analytics companies, most dealerships are given access to at least a half-dozen dashboards. Who has time to log into them all? Even if we did have time, it can be a data overload. How does all of that data translate into something useful where we could either look at the big picture or just components of the data gathered?

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Descriptive Ads Perform Best on Craigslist and eBay Motors

News JournalistIn the past, we’ve discussed the importance of pictures in your online inventory listings. That hasn’t changed, but it’s important that we make sure we don’t take away from the other important component of your listings: the descriptions.

A picture might say a thousand words, but the details you can put into the descriptions of your vehicles have a big impact on your ability to move those units. Sites like Craigslist and eBay Motors offer plenty of room to be as descriptive as you want, so use that space to its fullest potential.

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If Your Inventory is Everywhere, It Won’t Be Missed

Car Inventory

There are two primary strategies when it comes to car dealer inventory marketing. The first has been around for a while. The wide approach says that dealers should be putting their inventory out there in multiple venues. The second is relatively new, where dealers are pulling away from third party sites and focusing on bringing people to their own websites.

Each strategy has legs, but it’s in the tried-and-true strategy of putting your inventory on the websites that people visit rather than relying on people to visit your own site that we have seen the best results. There’s a difference between buying leads from third-party vendors and putting your inventory on third-party websites that must be understood for dealers to make the right decision.

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You can Buy Anything on Craigslist, Even a Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship on Craigslist

We are very big fans of Craigslist. It not only acts as the most cost-effective venue through which car, boat, and RV dealers can sell their inventory, but you can also find just about anything else on the site. Case-in-point: this pirate ship for sale.

It may be a replica, but that’s a good thing. Shower, refrigerators, queen sized bed, a bar… this ship is designed to be lived in by a family of four. In fact, the Craigslist ad says that the owners raised their two children in the boat.

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On Social Media, the Middle Ground is No Man’s Land

Social Media at Hand

The evolution of automotive social media has been an amazing thing to behold over the years. We’ve all seen strategies come and go. Some worked. Some didn’t. Today, we have the luxury of having narrowed down the strategies that have proven to be effective today and that should continue to be effective in the near future.

Nobody knows what changes will happen in social media tomorrow, let alone next month or next year, but we do have an idea about the overarching strategies that are proving to be the most successful. Thankfully, it has been narrowed down to two different types that happen to be extremes. The area in between these extremes can be classified as “no man’s land”.

Some would call it an “all in” or “all out” partition in social media, but it’s really not that black and white. The better way to look at it is that you can either be exceptionally aggressive and consumed by social media or you can take a more strategically casual approach.

The Aggressive Style

This social media strategy involves time and money. Dealers who want to invest into a full-time content marketing or social media management person can do so and are able to find success. This strategy involves getting out to the community, taking lots of pictures and videos, and building a base of powerful content that can help to draw attention and traffic to the dealership.

It also requires advertising money. The demise of organic reach on social media sites like Facebook means that a dealer can put a ton of effort into social media without any real return if they don’t put substantial advertising dollars behind it.

The other side of the coin is also as bleak. Dealers can put money behind their posts, but if they aren’t filled with truly awesome content, the money will be wasted and the ROI will be minimal.

The Strategically Casual Style

For dealers who want to have a powerful social media presence but who are not willing to throw thousands of dollars and a full-time employee into the social media mix, the strategically casual strategy is ideal. It acknowledges that organic reach is minimal but still allows for the benefits to come through social media that derive from other sources.

People are going to your pages and profiles every day. They might click through from your website. They might find them on a search for your name. Regardless of how they got there, what they see can be an important differentiator between you and your competitors.

Rather than putting a lot of time and energy into social media, dealers that use this style still build on their social profiles and pages constantly and with powerful content, but they do so in a way that doesn’t cost take away from other activities. They use social media tool such as ours to post inventory, industry news, videos, and blog posts on Facebook and Twitter, giving their page the robust content that people want without the investment associated with an aggressive strategy.

No Man’s Land

The most common strategy that dealers are using falls right in the middle. They don’t go all out with time or budget, but they don’t simplify it, either. They try to do some of the aggressive strategy.

It doesn’t work.

The benefits are similar to what a dealer would get from using easy tools like ours, but require more effort and budget. If you’re going to get aggressive, that’s great and there are doors that can be unlocked with this strategy. If you’re not going to go “all in” with social media, it makes a whole lot of sense to use a service like ours to save time and money while still building a powerful social media presence.

Why Car Dealers Should Adopt a Modern Digital Merchandising Strategy

Car Dealer Inventory

Most people have mastered the skill of shopping. They have been on the internet for so long that they understand the power of choice that the internet gives them. In fact, there are people hitting the car market for the first time who never knew a world without the internet.

Many car dealers have shifted their attentions and advertising budgets to focus strictly on sending people to their own websites. It’s a revolution of sorts as they begin consolidating their digital presence so that everything is funneled directly to them. The concept has legs; generating “1st party leads” has proven to be the highest quality and yields the best chances per lead of turning it into a sale.

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Strong Focus is Imperative for Automotive Social Media


The evolution of social media over the years has been interesting to watch, particularly in the automotive industry. As a business tool, there have been more strategies that have come and gone than ones that have stood the test of time.

Believe it or not, social media is around a decade old in its current form. One can argue that earlier types of social media were around in the 90s, but the modern variation of social media really started with sites like MySpace that gained popularity in 2004 and started really making an impact in 2005 and 2006.

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Why Putting Your Social Media on AutoPilot is the Best Answer for Many Car Dealers


The original purpose of social media was to allow people to share things in their life or that they find important with other people regardless of where they are. Over the years, there have been many questions posed about the validity of social media as a business-driving venue for car dealers, but one thing is certain: it’s here and isn’t going away any time soon, so dealers need to pay attention to it.

Unfortunately, that means that dealerships need to invest time, money, or both into keeping up with their social profiles and pages. The venues themselves might be free, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t come at a cost. Most dealerships do not have dedicated personnel to manage their social media, which means that either their social presence will suffer or other things that might be more business-crucial will suffer as a result.

LotVantage heard the needs of our clients and we’ve responded with a social media tool that allows you to put your presence on autopilot. Even if you’re not sold on the benefits of social media, you need to maintain your profiles and pages for the people that do visit them while researching the dealership. This is why we feel we have the right answer for you.

Our social media tool allows you to set up posting to Facebook and Twitter that operates automatically. It will pull from your inventory and post it in the most appropriate manner. It will then pull articles from industry publications, YouTube channels, and other websites of your choice to post at the frequency you want without having to manually locate and post the content. This gives your social media the personalized feel that you want without having to invest your own time or much money towards the tasks.

We know it’s not for everyone. There are dealers who are doing a fantastic job of managing their social media. There are vendors out there that are handling it all for their clients. While there’s nothing wrong with either option, our social media tool is much less time-consuming, much less expensive, and more efficient than the alternatives. If gives you every benefit you hope to receive from social media while keeping time commitments and costs to a minimum.

If your dealership is struggling to keep up with social media or if you’re spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars to have someone else manage it, you should contact us. We can deliver better results for a fraction of the time and money you’re investing today.