Press Release: Jim Jabaay of LotVantage Promoted to Vice President

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Tampa, FL – May, 20 2016 – LotVantage is proud to announce that Jim Jabaay has been promoted to Vice President. Jabaay joined LotVantage in late 2014 to operate the company’s sales and marketing teams. Jim’s experience in the automotive industry, through his family’s dealership experience and with Manheim Auctions, has made him an extremely valuable asset to LotVantage. “His …


Optimize Your Powersports Dealership’s YouTube Channel

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Whether it be in the form of a review or a product overview, consumers rely heavily on video when making purchasing decisions. If your powersports dealership marketing strategy includes video, which it should, you will want to make sure your YouTube channel has been optimized. Every month, LotVantage publishes a blog post in Powersports Business, covering classified marketing and social media …

LotVantage Software For Dealership Success

Want to Move Your Inventory? Consider YouTube Marketing for Dealership Success.

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Why YouTube is Important for Dealership Success YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 and since then, grew to become the second largest search engine in the world! Don’t believe it? 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube per minute and over one third of the entire internet population uses YouTube. The popularity of video marketing is fueled by …

LotVantage Takes Powersports Business Seriously

LotVantage Takes Powersports Business Very Seriously

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Easter weekend proved to be very productive for some LotVantage team members. Our LotVantage President and CEO, Matthew Brown, and a few others went up to Georgia for a team-building and brainstorming session. As you can tell by the video, they got a lot done. Getting stuck in the mud gave them ample time to come up with our most recent …

Instagram for Dealerships

Instagram Algorithm Shifts Gears, Impacts Exposure for Dealerships

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Quite a few car dealerships use Instagram as a way to connect with customers and shoppers in a more personal way. It provides dealers with a unique way to make a personal connection, hopefully boosting sales and revenue. That’s why it’s critical you understand the recent changes on the social media platform and how they could impact its effectiveness. A …

Social media advertising targeting for dealerships

Unlock New Customers Using Targeting on Social Media Advertising

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How to target your customers with social ads for your dealership Reaching your audience with the right message at the right time can make all the difference. You’re probably already doing everything you can think of to keep your social media presence engaging and be there for the potential buyers when they are ready. (If not, maybe you just don’t …


Free Webinar: NEW eBay Selling Dynamic using eBay Motors

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LotVantage would like to invite you to an exclusive training webinar for a NEW Selling Dynamic using eBay Motors. Our dealers who post their inventory using our eBay Motors listing tool see an average of 14 leads per listing. Benefits to attend: Compelling & proprietary info to help you: Move inventory fast Purge old-age units Turn a profit Shared success …

Dealership greeting best practices

Is Your Hello Making Customers Say Goodbye?

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12 Greeting Tips for Your Dealership “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – Will Rogers First impressions are forever how you will be remembered by a potential customer. You may or may not make a deal right away, but they certainly will remember whether you shook their hand and treated them courteously or ignored …

Woman setting up her Facebook page

5 Set-Up Tips for Dealership Facebook Pages

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Dealership Facebook Set-Up Best Practices LotVantage’s software can help keep your posts engaging to your audience, but shouldn’t you make sure you’re not just putting a fresh coat of paint on a car that’s never going to leave your driveway? Your Facebook page can be your second website! Make sure you are using these simple and effective Facebook business page …


Five Myths About Selling Vehicles on eBay Motors

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We’ve all been skeptical at some point about eBay and its effectiveness to sell vehicles. Some dealers have been hesitant to fully commit to placing their inventory on one of the best-selling platforms around. We would like to share with you some of the most common Myths surrounding eBay Motors. Myth 1 “Prospects on eBay Motors aren’t serious buyers” Truth1 …