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Rick Hendrick Corvette

Social Media Posting Tool for Dealerships

When someone researches your dealership, guess where they are most likely to end up? Your social media pages. So what will they find?

Maybe they’ll find a couple fun staff pictures from your dealership cook-out two summers ago but nothing since. Or maybe you’re more active and post every week but you only post your inventory and current deals. Either way, there’s nothing really captivating about your content on social media. Without a reason to stay users will be quick to leave, but it doesn’t have to end that way!

Did you know? According to Digital Marketing Magazine, 72% of consumers are more likely to stay with a brand because of their social media. Social media users love finding businesses who share content that is fascinating, new, and speaks to their interests. They show their love by commenting on and sharing the content. Every time a user shares your post to their friends, who you were previously unseen to, are being served your content. From there a domino effect begins. Great content is contagious and will travel through a circle of friends reaching new people and securing new fans for your dealership.
Now you’re probably thinking, “Wow that sounds great, but I don’t have time to hunt the web for exciting content, I’ve got a dealership to run!” With the Handsfree social media marketing tool dealerships no longer have to hunt, instead fresh juicy content is delivered straight to their timeline. This is automotive social media marketing made easy.

Sounds too good to be true?

The Rick Hendrick Corvette dealership in Duluth, GA, is a great Facebook marketing case study. As an avid user of the Handsfree social media marketing tool, Rick Hendrick Corvette has seen great success and continues to reap the benefits of a highly engaged and captivated audience.

Social Media for Dealerships

Rick Hendrick Corvette uses the LotVantage social media marketing tool to post to Facebook (and Twitter) 3 times a week. With an average of over 5,000 users reached with each Handsfree syndicated post, Rick Hendrick Corvette has been able to reach more users organically than ever before!

While reach is an important metric, a posts interaction (shares, likes, and comments) is a better indication of fans reactions to the content. Rick Hendrick Corvette consistently receives likes by the hundreds and the post’s shares and comments continue to climb for days following its initial posting.

The excitement doesn’t stop there, this expanded reach means more exposure for the dealership and the high level of engagement is an opportunity to nurture fans into leads. Engaging content is vital because it sparks the relationship. Much like in-person sales, leads from social media are secured when the user is excited for your product and believes in who you are.

Facebook for Dealerships

Marketing for Dealerships

Fans do not offer their kidney for just any content, but when they do you know it’s because you have something they desperately want!Dealership Social Media

Facebook’s new Reactions allow Rick Hendrick Corvette to even see the divide in fans who like, love, or are wowed by the content!

Dealership Marketing

This syndicated content has brought Rick Hendrick Corvette to a new level on social media. Fans now look forward to what will be posted and their enthusiasm has helped keep engagement high and the number of new page likes growing. Rick Hendrick Corvette has also seen a growth in the number of fans who have visited their dealership website from their social profile. With a great relationship established on Facebook, fans that are ready to purchase continue to choose to work with the dealership they trust.

In addition to producing great content, the Handsfree tool is very easy to use. Handsfree literally means Rick Hendrick Corvette gets content delivered to their timeline without any work done on their end. The tool’s success allows for Rick Hendrick Corvette to focus effort on what’s important, collecting leads and selling inventory.

With the Handsfree social media marketing tool you will have no more excuses! Silent or boring timelines are a thing of the past. Take after Rick Hendrick Corvette and harness the power of automotive social media marketing. Start turning fans into leads today.

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