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through the curation & distribution of ThumbStopper content.

ThumbStopper™ adjective. - [ˈthəm-ˈstä-pər]

Something that cuts through the noise on social media & causes your prospect to stop & pay attention.

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As a company, we’ve created millions of customers for some of the largest manufacturers and retailers across multiple industries.

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We Are NOT an Agency:

The largest pivot in the history of advertising is taking place right now. Billions of dollars are being shifted as consumers’ focus moves from traditional marketing to social media. Think about it, when a commercial comes on, you pick up your phone and check social media, right? This shift provides a unique opportunity for brands and dealerships to engage in hyper-targeted consumer marketing, delivering a historically high ROI, and LotVantage is the conduit.

We have developed industry leading software that manages and distributes THUMBSTOPPER™ content from brands to retailers to online consumers. The LotVantage Brand Manager, through its patent pending Digital Asset Distribution System, seamlessly connects digital assets to targeted buyers via social and classified marketing.

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