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Easily share your corporate social media content across multiple locations

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Success Story

Learn how Polaris used Brand Manager to increase their reach on social media
using the Facebook pages of independent retailers.


Key Features

Gain access to your retailers’ Facebook pages and leverage their audience to grow your brand


Ensure your retailers are sharing your branded social media content on a consistent basis.

Additional Content

Employ smart filters to deliver lifestyle content to engage and inform your audience.


Each retailer can define their own posting schedule to compliment an existing social media strategy.

Account Management

Assistance with setup and retailer participation and onboarding.

Content Management

Content can have multiple layers of approval as well as be mass deleted in case of an error.

Native Video

Upload a natively posted video for seamless sharing on Facebook.

Co-Op Fund Management

Easily manage which retailers are participating.

Social Advertising

Deploy campaigns using targeted audiences to increase brand awareness.


Review overall campaign performance within one dashboard.

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