Communications Package

When it comes to capturing leads, everyone wants the most efficient and effective way to do so. LotVantage increases customer engagement for Automotive, Powersports, Marine and RV Dealers through a variety of ways. Never miss a lead again! Every phone call and email lead is tracked back to the specific ad and marketplace from which it originated. Dealers are able to make educated marketing decisions based on intelligence gathered from the leads report so they.

Advanced Call Tracking

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a unique phone number on every ad so your sales and marketing team could identify which specific vehicles are generating the leads, and then be able to post more vehicles just like it?

LotVantage provides dealers with 800 numbers with custom extensions and integrated caller ID which captures each incoming caller’s name and telephone number, while simultaneously matching it to the vehicle. LotVantage’s advanced call tracking system goes one step further and records each incoming call, identifies the vehicle, advertising portal, and salesperson who posted the ad, then properly routes the call. Recorded phone calls are stored in the dealer’s account and can be listened to at any time for quality or training purposes.

SMS Lead Notifications

Instant lead notification!

We know that leads are time sensitive and the longer you take to respond to a customer; the more likely they are to move on to another lot. Dealer’s salespeople can enable SMS Lead Notifications to get leads sent directly to their cell phones via text messages. This instant notification allows dealers and salespeople to follow up with potential buyers immediately, before they’re lost to a competitor.

Email Auto-Responders

There is nothing worse than submitting your information to a website and not knowing if they received your inquiry. LotVantage’s Email Auto-Responders notify buyers when they submit their information as a lead, confirming to them that the dealership received their online inquiry.

Auto-Responses are customizable: dealers can change the email subject, reply-to email addresses, and email message quickly and easily. Dealers can easily add links to their credit application or website right into the auto-response email, creating another avenue for potential lead conversion.

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Credit Applications

Engage more shoppers and capture more credit applications! LotVantage can improve the profitability & success of a dealer’s F & I department through the use of our secure online credit applications. Our credit apps collect all of the lead information necessary in order to run their credit and potentially offer financing. Consumers who engage with your dealership online credit application are the most motivated and most likely to buy from you.

Simple, efficient, and effective. Our core focus on free & classified marketplaces has put us ahead of the competition when it comes to funneling traffic, collecting leads, and – what really matters – converting shoppers into customers.

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