Automate Craigslist for your dealership

Don’t spend 4-5 hours a day posting your dealerships’ inventory to Craigslist.
Let LotVantage post your ads to Craigslist for you.

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Key Features

LotVantage helps dealerships automate their craigslist postings to drive more sales opportunities

Automated Posting

Define a monthly budget and automatically post your dealership’s inventory to Craigslist.

Posting Strategy

Set which of your vehicles you would like to post based on filters.

Posting Frequency

Your Craigslist ads are posted daily to give your dealership maximized local exposure.

Multiple Marketplaces

Post your inventory to your local and surrounding marketplaces for better results.

Campaign Management

Add additional funds to post even more ads if you have a special campaign or marketing message you would like to broadcast.


Our system identifies top lead generating inventory and strategically posts ads on Craigslist to generate you the most leads.


The Monthly Marketing Report will show you how many leads Craigslist generated for your dealership as well as the top lead generating inventory.

Lead Tracking

Each piece of your inventory is assigned a specific call tracking number that lets you know which units the customer is calling or texting about.

Landing Pages

A unique landing page is created for each piece of inventory and contains calls-to-action that drive lead generation.

YouTube Videos

A video is generated, with a voiceover, for each unit and is posted to your YouTube account.

Call Recording

Listen to incoming calls and track salesperson performance.

Technical Support

Having issues? We have an in-house support team that can assist you.

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