Automate Craigslist for your dealership

Don’t spend 4-5 hours a day posting your dealership’s inventory to Craigslist. Let LotVantage post your ads to Craigslist for you.

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We know what sells on Craigslist

Leads are tracked to each piece of inventory

  • We utilize call tracking numbers
  • Specific Landing Pages are created for each listing
  • Posting is Quick and Easy to Free Up Your Time to Make More Sales
  • Craigslist-friendly templates are built to convert
  • Leads are automatically sent to your CRM or Salesperson

Customize Your Posts

Tell your potential customers why they should do business with you using our custom content builders for your listings. Keep your dealership branding consistent on Craigslist ads with our photo templates too!

No One Does It Better

Want to automate Craigslist and put your Craigslist dealer postings on a subscription? We can do that. Partnering with LotVantage brings analytics of thousands of listings and the advantage of knowing what to post and when to post it.

Post Your Inventory to Craigslist Automatically

Our craigslist classified ads posting software automates your Craigslist dealer postings, price updates, deletes and renewals without lifting a finger. Use our dealer Craigslist auto posting service to post more, sell more and increase your margin!

Craigslist dealer posting by Industry:

Auto Dealers

Vehicle listings have radically dropped since the onset of the $5 per ad Craigslist charge in the “cars/trucks by dealer” section of the site, so there has never been a better time to embrace Craigslist. This has translate into dealers experiencing more than 10 times the leads than before the change, or 1.1 leads per ad.

Powersports, RV, and Marine Dealers

Life is good for dealers in this category, so why not capitalize on the fact that there are no fees to contend with. We have found that Craigslist is still one of the most underused marketing platforms for Powersports, RV and Marine dealers which should be taking advantage of the consumer traffic.

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