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Over 5,000 dealerships across North America trust LotVantage for their internet marketing needs.

Take advantage of MOBILE

Represent your lot in the best possible way, maximizing lead output due to users experiencee.

Real time updates. Your lot… Full control. Customized Banner, Icons and Background

Customized to give individuality

Reflect your brand through customized colors hand picked to offer the best in aesthetic design.Our focus is to place a spotlight on your lot.

Crisp typography layouts and imagery you will be sure to stand out. Your lot… Full control. Customized Banner, Icons and Background

Mobile search

Our robust search functionality, gives you the freedom to sort vehicle inventory by key features. Simply to use tap feature for each field that meets your search criteria.

Search by Vehicle Type, Condition, Price, Make and Year. Every search result is linked to a vehicle specific landing page.

Its great to use a web-app which you already know how to use!

Responsive to the device

Size Doesn’t Matter!

No matter what size screen you are viewing pages on, we have designed our mobile ready sites to scale according to each device for the best user experiencee possible.

Easily rotate your device to view details in a portrait or landscape orientation. Once again, the content will shift for optimum viewing.

Every landing page maximizes lead conversion opportunities with several powerful calls-to-action.

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Credit Applications

Engage more shoppers and capture more credit applications! LotVantage can improve the profitability & success of a dealer’s F&I department through the use of our secure online credit applications. Our credit apps collect all of the lead information necessary in order to run their credit and potentially offer financing. Consumers who engage with your dealership online credit application are the most motivated and most likely to buy from you.

Simple, efficient, and effective. Our core focus on free & classified marketplaces has put us ahead of the competition when it comes to funneling traffic, collecting leads, and – what really matters – converting shoppers into customers.

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