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Products: You decide what solutions to offer your clients. Offer our entire product line-up, or just specific parts.

Presentation: You determine how to best present the product to your clients. Does a simple white label work best, or a fully integrated version? We’ll work with you to provide your clients a clean and professional access to your product.

Customizations: Sure thing, tell us what you’re looking for. We can embed links to your sites and report leads to an external source. Tell us what works best for your company.

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Our expertise becomes your expertise.


Professionals training professionals. We train your Sales, Support and Implementation Teams.

Ongoing Updates

Ongoing updates for Best Practices, industry & marketplace intelligence, and product enhancements.


- Sales & Marketing collateral ready-to-go

leadership & Support

Unwavering thought leadership in Classified Marketing through Newsletters and Blogs. Level 2 Support available when needed.


LotVantage verticals.

LotVantage’s Reseller Program provides turn-key revenue options for growing your business online, servicing Automotive, Powersports, Commercial Trucks, Marine, RV, and Trailer dealers. Dealerships of all sizes can promote their brand and generate leads with an easy to use and highly effective solution your business can count on.

Flexible integration, white-labeling, and customization, provide seamless and fluid presentation to your dealers, ensuring their trust and comfort in the product.

lotvantage resellers
  • Suggested retail rates are 2X wholesale rates
  • Resellers can buy-down product rates with an increased monthly commitment
  • Resellers decide what products are made available to their clients
  • LotVantage only charges for products resellers make available for their clients
  • Craigslist Posting Service (Click here for details.)
  • Backpage
  • Facebook + Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LotVantage will post Craigslist ads on behalf of reseller’s dealers
  • Dealers can dictate: # of ads, days of week, and inventory type (new, CPO, or pre-owned), Price ranges
  • Dealers can prioritize units posted via:
    • Top Lead Generators
    • Price Advantage (per Edmunds.com)
    • National Best Sellers
    • Vehicles under $10K
    • Units 60+ days on the lot
    • Duplicate models in stock


What does my Technology Team need to do?

LotVantage technology

Import data

How LotVantage will get your dealers’ inventory data. (Most common methods: CSV file or via API)


We’ll work with your team to integrate our solution within your product. A simple white-label is also available if no integration is required.

Lead reporting

Dealers can use our standard in-app lead report or we can export leads elsewhere.

LotVantage makes build-out a breeze.

  • Assigned Integration Manager
  • Full API documentation and testing tools
  • Synchronized inventory and account management
  • Developers: Read Over Our API Documentation: http://data.lotvantage.com

LotVantage offers flexible API and I-Frame options. With access to our API, you gain many advantages involving data feed updates, account creation and managing services. Our API is a simple XML via HTTP POST and is based on REST principles so it is very easy to write and test applications.

LotVantage has been integrated within dozens of online products. We’re happy to recommend an integration path of our product within your current system. Just pass us credentials for your product and we’ll mock-up some an idea that works best for your company and your clients.

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Supporting LotVantage is simple

LotVantage support

How can I help you today?

We understand your business and your challenges no matter what industry you represent - Automotive, Powersports, RV, Trailers, Commercial Trucks and/or Marine. Great products mean nothing without equally outstanding product training and customer support. LotVantage has one of the most talented, dedicated, and professional teams of software developers, trainers, sales consultants, and tech support in the industry.

We won't stop or give up until your dealership and people are completely satisfied. LotVantage will be there to support your team every step of the way. Our dealer portal makes it easy for you and your staff to quickly find common issues in the F.A.Q. section and take advantage of our extensive knowledge base of articles and How-To videos.

LotVantage Management

Reseller Sales & Client Management

Christian Gerbick
Christian Gerbick
Sales Manager

(813) 549-7247


A little bit about Christian

Christian Gerbick loves learning how things work - That’s his life’s passion.

From the earliest age, Christian was fascinated by factories, cars, airplanes… Pretty much anything held together with screws. Following that passion into college, Christian got a degree in Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Ohio University and worked at Siemens and Honda Logistics as an Industrial Engineer. During his tenure at Honda, Christian became an expert at cost analysis and Business Managers utilized his talents to increase profitability for their departments. Before long Christian was selling logistic solutions to automotive suppliers across North America, and 11 years later he’s still selling. Christian has sold everything from commercial grade filtration systems, to online media, to cloud-based B2B software.

He particular enjoys working within the automotive space because he is a certifiable car nut. The most gratifying part of Christian’s job is getting to know his clients – Understanding their business and helping them fix a problem, as well as becoming more profitable.

Outside of work Christian can be found waxing his latest red sports car, skeet shooting, or traveling with his lovely wife Megan. Christian is a devout Crossfitter and participates in numerous sprint triathlons and half marathons. In October of 2014, Christian finished his first marathon (4:29:09) and he’s itching for the next one.

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